Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bento for Brains

This week is midterm week for my hubby. He's been up late every night at his University MBA Study lounge studying his brains out till the wee hours of the morning. I decided to show some support by making a Japanese Bento dinner and delivering it for him to eat at school. I kind of went overboard and made a grip of food. To the left is a double decker rice and seaweed box with salmon and pickles. The right box was stuffed with shrimp gyoza (potstickers), leftover spaghetti, and B.L.T. The the big messy looking box in the middle is beef sukiyaki with veggies and egg.
For dessert I made my hubby's favorite mini vanilla cupcakes to share with his study buddies. I'm so proud of hubby working so hard towards his MBA! Ganbare~


fumipuriri said...

your obento is hardcore!

milkrobot said...

Dude, marry me.

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