Monday, April 28, 2008

Cataplana Clams

Tonight, we had Cataplana clams for dinner. Cataplana is the name of a special Portuguese type of Dutch Oven, popular on the Algarve coast.My mom & I were watching a TV special on Portuguese cooking a few years ago and saw people making beautiful seafood dishes with this wonderful copper cataplana pot. We couldn't find a cataplana anywhere in the states but mãe (mother in law who lives in Portugal) kindly gave this cataplana to my mom as a gift. A cataplana is traditionally made of copper and is shaped like two domed clam shells hinged at one end. You can seal the two sides using a clamp to close it, but it doesn't have much of a handle so you have to be careful not to burn yourself! It can be used in the oven or stove top, but we opted to make our clams on the stove today. We simmered the clams in the Cataplana with garlic cloves, some sake, and lemon. Didn't have to even add any salt and the dish turned out beautifully!


Garlic Cloves
White wine or sake
Fresh squeezed lemon, salt, pepper, Tabasco to taste

1. Scrub the clams well and let them stand in the cold water about 1 hour.
2. Add the clams & white wine or sake to the Cataplana, and cook, covered for 10 to 15 minutes, until the shells have opened. Thicker shelled clams will take longer. Discard any clams that don't open.
3. Stir the pot well to distribute the clam juices.
4. Salt, pepper, Tabasco, or lemon can be added to taste.


lovecokate said...

wow lina, i don't know how you make these wonderful dishes everyday! they look so good! clams...yums

ChichaJo said...

Delicious! And love that copper cataplana :)

btw, I SO understand about the uni (from your post below)...when I was younger I couldn't bear it, now I love it!

Anonymous said...

This looks delightful. Brings back fond memories of having shellfish at an oceanside shack near Sines (Portugal)

tigerfish said...

The pot is shiningly beautiful! And juicy fat it anytime :)

Pixie said...

Ooh, I've never heard of a cataplana before. Those clams would make this food bloger extremely happy. ;)

Helene said...

Clams & wine, you can't go wrong. Looks delicious.

Cakespy said...

Ooh these look delicious--LOTS of tabasco for me, please!

Kevin said...

A nice and simple and tasty way t cook them. That Cataplana looks really interesting.

RecipeGirl said...

I love it... I'm going to be on the hunt for one of these for my Portuguese mother. I'll have to ask her if she has heard of this pot!

Peter M said...

Lina, I love how you used Sake in the clams...very resourceful!

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