Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eating San Francisco

With my free time, I headed over to Embarcadero. The Embarcadero is the eastern waterfront roadway of the Port of San Francisco and is right along the San Francisco Bay.
Lucky me! Today was the farmers market at the Ferry Plaza right on Embarcadero. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for sale, and lots of free samples for me to try! The farmers market here is so much nicer than the one I go to in OC. A wide variety of nuts and produce as well as food vendors.
One of the vendors at the Farmer's Market Caught my eye. This tent was set up from the famous raw restaurant Alive! This restaurant won SF Weekly's best raw food Restaurant award in 2007. I've been quite curious about raw food for a while. I know raw food is all the rage with it's claims of health benefits so I decided to give this place a try. What better place to try gourmet raw food for the first time than here?
I got the raw veggie lasagna with walnut pesto sauce and spinach. You can't really see the lasagna cause its buried in spinach... I started eating this lasagna and realized that it tasted nothing like lasagna. Basically it tasted RAW. It tasted like raw carrots, spinach, and tomato. It tasted like rabbit food. So I'm not sold on this whole raw food fad... I ended up throwing half of it away in the compost bin.After my raw lunch I headed into the ferry building in search of something to take the taste of the "lasagna" out of my mouth.I stopped dead in my tracks when I came across the Miette Patisserie. Oh, the cute sign and adorable shop! The perfect looking cakes are beckoning me!I've been food blog browsing a lot lately and I can't stop staring at the amazing little macarons that the Tartlette makes! I've been craving macarons for weeks because of her blog! But sadly you don't come across them often in the OC. And then I discovered these little suckers at the Miette sitting in pretty little jars on the counter! I carefully chose the chocolate lavender macaron and hazelnut chocolate macaron. I sat outside on a bench staring out at the bay bridge, taking my first bite of the hazelnut chocolate macaron... The angels were singing as the crunchy, creamy, chewy, and moist cookie traveled down my throat and into my happy tummy. These macarons were pure heaven.

Miette Patisserie
Ferry Building Marketplace
Shop 10
San Francisco, CA 94111


fumipuriri said...

miette's my fave! organic too! their macarons are sooo good :P
i miss san francisco...

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i am not really into this raw food movement too..generally, i like my food hot ^_^ and my drinks cold ^_^

michelle said...

im eating a marcon right now too! but just one of the ones from down the street

Courtney said...

ohhhh i wish i was at the ferry plaza farmer's market right now. lucky you, you can make it to san francisco for a day trip! great pictures, by the way.



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