Friday, April 18, 2008

Spoon House

Today, my hubby and I went out to lunch in Gardena at the Spoon House.
I've been going to the Spoon House for Japanese style spaghetti since I was a toddler. I loved watching the cooks at the counter and listening to the beeping sound the pasta boiler would make when the pasta was ready. (Too bad the boilers don't make that sound anymore.) The exterior of the restaurant is hard to miss with the bright blue door and entryway. I must admit that the food here has gone downhill over the years. The owners have changed and the cooks have changed but I still go back once in a while for the decent food and nostalgic feelings this place brings back for me.
The best thing they serve at this restaurant is their fresh baked french bread! The recipe has never changed and they got it down just right.
The shell is crispy and crunchy while the inside is heavenly fluffy. They give you a basket of free bread when you sit down. We would often eat here on weekends when I was younger and we would always buy a whole loaf to take home with us.
The $1 salad is a good size and has a great Japanese style dressing!For the main course we had Carbonara spaghetti. A cream based spaghetti with egg and bacon. Although it doesn't compare to most of the carbonara we've had in Japan or the best carbonara we ever had in Rome, the Spoon House's Carbonara hit the spot just fine. I also recommend the Japanese Style cod roe and squid spaghetti they have here.

Spoon House Bakery & Restaurant
1601 W Redondo Beach Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 538-0376


VeggieGirl said...

Looks like you had a lovely lunch!

Sophie said...

Oooh my goodness! I had no idea you lived near Gardena! I grew up around this area for the first couple of years of my life, my grandparents have lived here since the 50s and my mom went to Garden High! I miss Marukai! Small world :)

(sorry I posted like 3 times just now hehe)

Capt. Pink said...

Hey, this place looks kinda, kinda, just a lil' bit, like that place we went to on my last day in Japan.

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