Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beach & Tacos

Hubby & I took our 'kids' to the Dog Beach in Long Beach today. The brave pups just had their shots updated at the vet, so they deserved a fun day at the beach! These are our puppies! Nana the Westie and Xabi the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Both of them are 4 years old, and we love them to pieces!
Xabi, being a retriever, LOVES to fetch. He is completely ball crazy and will go no ends for his beloved ball... even if that means jumping into the ocean to get it!
Isn't it funny how pets and their owners are somehow very alike? Well, my hubby is also ball crazy... soccer ball crazy. Hubby is in a whole different world when there is a soccer match on TV. Xabi, just like his master will have eyes for nothing else when there is a ball around.
Nana, my little moody girl is in many ways, very much like me.

She likes to sit in the sun... day dreaming all day.
We stop at the El Cilantro restaurant whenever we go to the dog beach because we can sit outside with our dogs while we eat. It's not the best Mexican food I've ever had, but it's not that bad either.
Jarritos is the first national soft drink brand in Mexico. If it's bright neon Orange, it couldn't be healthy for you...
Beef-lover-hubby ordered a steak burrito. I got the dos tacos plate with a carnitas taco, a pollo taco, rice, and black beans. The chicken taco was good but I wasn't really feeling the carnitas.
While we were eating, our doggies were well behaved. They know they're not allowed to beg at the table. They patiently waited for us to finish our lunch. Good doggies.
5913 E Spring St
Long Beach, CA 90808
(562) 938-7551


Rosie said...

Hi Lina, what a lovely post :) I just adore the dogs and they look to have had a great time!!
The food looks yummy too :)

Rosie x

Kitt said...

Good doggies! What a fun day. A dirty wet dog is a *happy* dog.

VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, Nana and Xabi are so cute!!! So glad that everyone had fun at the beach :0)

That Girl said...

Your dogs are beautiful! Well don't tell Xabi I said that. Tell him I said handsome. We always went to the Creperie after Long Beach Dog Beach - for the same reason. They let us eat with Ringo.

Kimberly said...

So jealous! But judging from your pics and seeing how many dogs there were at the beach, I think Palmer would've freaked out. My dog is a spaz... Waah!!

California Girl said...

Your little dogs are so cute! What a fun beach day!

lina said...

Hi Lina! Of course I had to check out another Lina's food blog :) And now your lovely beach post made me sooo envious. Adorable dogs! Can you believe, we had snow here last week, I'm starting to doubt that we'll get summer this year.. So I'll have to make do with wonderful summer photos :)

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Hi Lina! what a great day you've spent on the beach! Very lucky here it's still raining :-D

lovecokate said...

what a great day! food and doggies... i like

Cynthia said...

Hi Lina, thanks for visiting my blog. It is a pleasure to discover yours.

Just so you know, I wish I cooked and baked everyday but I don't :)

Sophie said...

Nana is such a cutie! I've wanted a westie for so long! I'm jealous, she's adorable :D.

Grace said...

nana looks like a stuffed animal in that last picture--she's absolutely adorable! of course, xabi's not too hard on the eyes, either! too cute!

good-looking food, too. how could it be bad with an awesome restaurant name like "el cilantro"?

rowena said...

I love all dogs, but Nana!!!!!!!!!! You are the first Westie that I've seen on another food AND travel blog. Gotta go hug my Maddie now, she loves food and traveling as much as me. :-)

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