Monday, May 26, 2008

Eat, Tomar, Be Merry

The family decided to take a day trip to the city of Tomar and Coimbra yesterday. Aside from Mãe, none of us have ever been to these cities before so it was a great trip... except for the rain. When we first arrived to Tomar after our hour and a half drive, the rain was pouring down.
As you can see, there were no people in sight. We hopped out of the car and walked around for only 2 minutes to shoot these pictures from under my umbrella... ella, ella, eh, ey (sorry, I had to do that). So anyways, this is a picture of the church of São João Baptista built during the 15th Century. It's flamboyant Gothic style architecture is pretty neat.
Tomar was a very important city during the 15th Century and was the centre of Portuguese overseas expansion under Henry the Navigator. We briskly walked around the central square of Tomar and the Municipality building. This is the bronze statue of Gualdim Pais, the founder of the town.
The pigeons were huddled around the statue trying to avoid the rain.
We didn't get to see some of the main attractions in Tomar like the castle, Church of Santa Maria do Olival, or the synagogue because of the rain... instead we decided to go EAT! We went to the Restaurante Manjar dos Templários which serves traditional food of Tomar, Portugal.This restaurant specializes in Portuguese style spit-roasted suckling pig (leitão). There was a graphic display of tiles in the entryway of the restaurant... so thats what I'm going to be eating...The meal started off with pork and chicken Linguica Sausage appetizers with bread (of course).
We were so excited when the main course arrived. The suckling pig was cut into small pieces and came with golden roasted potatoes. The crispy, crunchy, salty skin of the pork was glorious. Just look at that piece of juicy pork sitting on my plate!

For dessert we had "Tomar slices," a traditional speciality of bread pudding made with egg yolks and sponge cake soaked in sugar syrup. Very sweet but very delicious. After lunch the rain finally stopped coming down, so we went to Castelo de Bode lake right outside of Tomar. This lake is is the largest body of fresh water in Portugal. The Bode dam here is quite an impressive structure. But the clouds and the sky right after the rain was even more impressive and breathtakingly beautiful.
Estr. Castelo Bode Cruzamento
Castelo do Bode 2300-196
Sao Pedro De Tomar Santarem, Portugal
tel: 249381300


That Girl said...

So I've been thinking - you are the first person I have ever know who's been to Portugal!

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