Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Original Pancake House in Anaheim

I love The Original Pancake House. This is a classic American breakfast restaurant that I've been coming to with my family as far as I could remember. As a little kid my whole family would come here on Sunday mornings. Dad would always order my siblings and I the big hot chocolates and we'd lick up all of the whipped cream. This place brings back fond memories, and I still keep coming back for the 'old school' atmosphere and never changing pancake recipe.
Hubby & I had to go to the hospital early to get our immunization shots for our upcoming travel plans so we were up bright and early today. To reward ourselves for waking up so early, and bearing the bruises from our shots, we hit up the good old pancake house. This place is always packed with people, but since it was a Thursday morning we got to sit down without a wait. The Pancake House has over 90 franchises throughout the US, its no wonder why the whole country loves these pancakes... They are REALLY good! Hubby ordered the classic, scrambled eggs, bacon, and buttermilk pancakes. He likes to keep things simple.
They have a great menu at this restaurant and I never know what to order because I want to eat everything on it! With fresh strawberries in season, I decided to have the Belgium waffles with fresh strawberries. The waffles were so light and fluffy. My family and I (and future generations) will continue to dine at the Original Pancake House as long as it is standing...

Original Pancake House
1418 E Lincoln Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92805
(714) 535-9815


Mochachocolata Rita said...

hehe my kitchen got no lovin to these 2 days...i am very partial to pancakes...those look wonderful...especially with the strips of bacon

Ginny said...

We have one near work and its my bosses favorite restaurant...for his birthday thats the only place he will go! nothing like a huge breakfast for lunch and an unproductive food coma all afternoon! yummy!

That Girl said...

I couldn't agree more! Before we were married, Thatboy lived a couple streets down from the Anaheim OPH. He asked his roommate for a good place to take me for breakfast and this was recommended. We were instantly hooked. So much so that the biggest selling point of our last apartment (other than dog friendly) was that it was down the street from the Aliso Viejo OPH. It's our favorite breakfast place! (The egg white omlettes are my fave)

Elle said...

I do love pancakes! I always get some when we go out for breakfast.

Marjie said...

Oh, my! I remember going to that Pancake House when I was little, about a million years ago! My grandparents lived in Lakewood! That was in the days when you paid $3 for adult admission to Disney ($1 for kids) then bought 10-cent tickets and gave a certain number for a given ride. I can't believe it's still there!

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