Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Great Pyramids of Giza

What an amazing day! Today, I saw one of the ancient seven wonders of the world: The Pyramids of Giza. Of the Seven Wonder's of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid is the only one left standing.

This was definatley a place I have always wanted to visit since styding the ancient Egyptians in the 5th grade. It's hard to imagine that these grand structures were built thousands and thousands of years ago. They have stood there watching the world change over the millennia. Magnificent.
We even got to go inside the Pyramid of Cheops! They say that only upto 150 people are allowed to go inside the pyramid a day for preservation purposes, so we got lucky. At 450 feet tall, this Pyramid is the largest ever to be built with three burial chambers in total. Exploring the inside of the pyramid certainly felt like an Indiana Jones adventure. First you go into a small dark hole in the side of the pyramid (which has been made as a forced entrance). Once you are inside the pyramid you basically have to crawl through a dark tunnel that is barely lit and you have to crouch down as you climb fleets of ladders up to the top. It was sooooo scary. Hubby is a little clausterphobic and was freaking out. I actually love small spaces and I'm a pretty short girl but even I was starting to feel clausterphobic (especially since it was like 100 degrees in there!) When you reach the very top you get to see the dark chamber where the king's mummy was kept. Very creepy, and very cool!
We even got to ride camels around the pyramids! That was also an adventure in itself!We also went to visit a few famous mosques such as the Ibn Tulun Mosque and the Salah El Din Citadel in Old Cairo. I had to cover myself up to go inside the Mosques but they were beautiful! And the view of Cairo from the Citadel was also amazing! You could see the pyramids from up there.
Guess how much US money those Egyptian Pounds are equivalent to? Only 60 cents! I feel so rich because I have wads of cash in my pockets. They don't seem to use coins here in Egypt and they have bills for even the smallest amount of money. We took our cash and decided to go to the famous Khan El Khalili bazaar. Small street after street with shops...kind of like in the "Aladdin" movie!
The street food in Cairo looked pretty good but I remembered my moms warning not to eat the street food. My weak American stomach probably won't be able to handle the local food and water... so although tempted, I steered clear. Afterall, I wouldn't want to ruin my trip with a case of bad food poisoning.


Jan said...

Oh WOW - is all I can say!
You are having such a great time!!!

nita said...

omg Cairo looks AMAZING!!! I can't believe you climbed through the pyramid...completely awesome!

THank you for the postcard!!!!! I got it today in the mail!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

goshhhhhh i am soooo jealous!! the only pyramid i saw was in a mall in KL and the mini sized ones in shenzhen's window of the world hehe

::Christine:: said...

Hi!! OMG it looks like you are having the time of your life. Love the pictures! Post more! =)

Elle said...

Oh, it's gorgeous!!!

That Girl said...

Things you don't know about me:
1) Camels are my favorite animal
2) I have been staring at your camel picture with insane jealously for the past 5 minutes

Sophie said...

What a beautiful thing to experience! I'm addicted to the history channel and can't get enough of the Egyptian pyramids they often feature on their shows! How lucky you are! Ooh, I wish I was there :D!!!

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