Sunday, June 22, 2008

Halušky in Slovakia

Where in the world are we now? We are in Slovakia! We arrived hungry yesterday so I searched the streets of old town Bratislava for some traditional Slovakian food. Our hotel receptionist reccomended 1. Slovak Pub which serves a wide range of organic Slovakian food.
The 1. Slovak Pub was a very interesting restaurant with individual rooms that present eras ranging from the old pagan times up until the revival era of the 19th century. It's a popular place for students and they even give free soup to students who bring in exams that scored A's! Slovakia is a small country not known for their cuisine. I decided to try the national dish, Halušky. Bryndzove Halušky is very similar to gnocchi and are small dumplings made out of flour and potato. The little dumplings are smothered in the local sheep's cheese called bryndza and sprinkled with fried bacon bits. I have to admit, the dish is not very pleasing to the eye. It looks like a dish of fat worms covered in puke, but it much better than it looks. I liked the texture of the dumplings, but the sheep cheese leaves an interesting after taste.
Hubby had the cesnakova polievka, a hearty garlic soup in a bread bowl. It tastes like something you would want to eat when you have the flu on a cold winter day.
After our tummies were filled we took the local bus to visit Devin Castle. This Slavic castle was founded in the 8th century and is located on top of high cliffs that provide a wonderful view of the Danube River and the city.1. SLOVAK PUB
Obchodná 62
811 02 Bratislava
tel.:+421 2 5292 6367


VeggieGirl said...

Oooh, Slovakia!! Gorgeous country. THat bread looks quite delicious :0)

Jan said...

Lina - your blog (as I've said before) is fantastic!
I love reading about your trip!

That Girl said...

ooohhh! I wish I had known you were going to Bratislava, I would have hooked you up with a friend I have there. She's an amazing tourguide! And her mom owns a print shop that prints the most gorgeous travel brochures.

giz said...

Great pictures and really interesting cuisine.

Sophie said...

I love dumplings, these sound so interesting. I especially like the description you gave 'em :D! Sounds like you're still having a blast, happy to hear it :).

Daziano said...

Wow, nice photos!!! And I would like to try some Halušky, it looks yummy!

CHAN said...

Nice photos!

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