Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Mackintosh!

Today is Charles Rennie Mackintosh's birthday! Even is celebrating Mackintosh's birthday with a banner done in his style of art. He is probably the most famous artist from Glasgow. It's a lucky coincidence for us because we were just so happening on going to see the famous Mackintosh buildings and exhibitions today. The various Mackintosh exhibitions were offering free and discounted admission in honor of his birthday. Charles Rennie Mackintosh was born on June 7, 1868 and would be 140 years old today. I would say that this artist was very ahead of his time. His style has a modern flair and everything he makes has a certain charm to it. So today, we had a Mackintosh themed day.We started off touring the famous Mackintosh house. C.R. Mackintosh designed the home and lived there with his wife Margaret Macdonald from 1906 to 1914. Each room was so cute and decorated simply. I also love all of the work by his wife Margaret and her sister. We went to the Hunterian Art Gallery and the huge Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum to look at more of their work and everything was inspiring. Looking at all this wonderful art made me want to start painting when I get back home.We also went to the Lighthouse which is the center for Architecture and Design in Scotland. The tower was designed by Macintosh and the helical staircase tripped me out. The views across the city from the observatory deck were wonderful.To save some money, hubby and I have been eating modest meals for lunch the past few days. Two days in a row, be bought sandwiches and had a picnic in George Square. For our first lunch in Glasgow we bought sandwiches from Pret A Manger. When I visited England in High School, G and I lived off of these sandwiches. They were about the only quick, affordable, and tasty meal we could find anywhere. I heard that they have opened these sandwich shops in New York, and I'm still waiting for them to open in LA.They even have cute little packaged desserts. Hubby and I shared a yummy carrot cake in a box. Today, we picked up sandwiches for lunch at Greggs. Greggs is a chain of sandwich shops, much like Pret but it's considerably cheaper and they sell pastries too. We split this mini little strawberry tart for dessert. yum!


VeggieGirl said...

Happy birthday, Mackintosh!! Wow, the Mackintosh buildings and exhibitions are STUNNING!!

Mmm, the carrot cake and strawberry tart look deeeelicious!! :0)

Lore said...

So first of all I admit I haven't heard about Mackintosh before but thanks for introducing me to his work! That tea room is exquisite and I cannot believe is was designed in 1904!!!
Have fun!

vermichelli said...

omg yes! i love pret a manger!

Capt. Pink said...

hey! me & danny had pret a manger too when we went. it brought back memories of the very first time we ate there 8 years ago!

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