Thursday, June 5, 2008

Scottish Food & Scottish Golf

The weather in Scotland has been absolutely amazing! I was prepared for dreary skies during our entire stay, but it turned out to be beautiful blue skies for the past two days. I love this country... it smells like fresh grass everywhere, the people are kind, and the golf is out of this world.
We had traditional breakfast at the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh where we stayed for a few nights. Scottish traditional breakfast is very different from a traditional American breakfast. For example, we don't eat a lot of black pudding (a patty of pig's blood), kippers, and roasted mushrooms & tomatoes for breakfast back home...I'm Japanese so I love having fish for breakfast, but kippers are quite fishy and made my mouth stink the entire morning even after brushing my teeth. Still, quite tasty though... Loch Fyne Kippers, also known as a red herring, is basically fish that has been eviscerated, salted, and cold smoked. Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs is also a popular breakfast item in Scotland. I love smoked salmon. And what's better than playing a round of golf after a hearty Scottish breakfast?We have been golfing a full 18 holes everyday for the past three days and I am exhausted... But I can honestly say that I have never truly enjoyed golf as much as I did playing the St. Andrews links. All of the golf courses in Scotland have been out of this world. We played some great courses like the Eden course (next to the Old Course) and Duke's the past two days. The grass is so perfectly kept and the views are stunning. True, the courses are a lot more challenging than the ones I'm used to playing and my scores completely sucked... but I've had a great time and I am more motivated than ever to practice when I get back home. After golf, why not a traditional Scottish lunch? Pimm's is a popular drink in the UK. I've never had it before but it was very refreshing. It's basically a gin-based drink mixed with sprite and slices of lemon, lime, and orange. Fish and chips, the other national dish of Britain (aside from Indian Curry). Otousan had this version of fish and chips at the Duke's golf club house for lunch. It was beer batter fried Haddock fish. Meat pie is also a popular Scottish dish. A savoury steak pie with beef stew in a flaky pie crust. yummy!I had a club sandwich on two occasions while in Scotland, and each time it came served on pita bread. Very interesting, but it's a great idea! I'll be making these pita club sandwiches back home now.


California Girl said...

Beautiful! Wow, my husband would be in love with that much golf.

The food, while interesting, isn't my cup of tea. Black pudding! Gag me :) When I was in London I couldn't get over the things that were so wrong on the menus.

Glad you're having a great time!

VeggieGirl said...

Enjoy the nice weather for me - it's been storming like mad here!! :0(

Ahh, golfing in Scotland - how picturesque!

vermichelli said...


Mrs. L said...

yummm that drink together with teh pot pie and club sandwich looks like it would hit the spot right about now!

lina said...

mm.. That seems like a lot of breakfast, makes me hungry in spite of the two little slices of bread I had for breakfast not long ago :)
Your photos are always so beautiful!

That Girl said...

Lox and eggs seems pretty typical for an American breakfast too!

I love the idea of the pita sandwich also!

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