Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where East Meets West

Today hubby and I took a trip up the Bosporus. The Bosporus is the straights seperating Europe and Asia, which join the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. So this morning we had breakfast in Europe and then we had lunch in Asia! In this photo you can see the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge with Asia on the right side and Europe on the left.The ferry took us to Anadolu Kavagi, where we hiked up a long and greuling hill to reach the ruins of the 15th Century Yoros Castle. Yoros Castle sits on a hill surrounded by steep bluffs overlooking the Bosporus and has breath taking views of the Black sea. It was all worth the long climb...We had a wonderfully simple and healthy lunch of grilled fish in the small fishing village called Anadolu Kavağı, on Macar Bay. There were lots of cute little fish restaurants where they grill your fresh fish outside by the water.I had the grilled Dorado fish.Hubby had the grilled Sea bass. It was all simple, fresh, and tasty.When we got back to the city, I even had dessert! Baklava!!! I love Baklava and I promise that I'm going to challenge myself to attempt making it once I get back to the States. They seem to eat a lot of pistachio in Turkey, so a lot of the Baklava I see use pistachio nuts instead of walnuts, but it is equally as good. What is there not to love about Baklava? It's sticky, gooey, crunchy, flakey, and oh so sweet!

Sirkeci Lokanta
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Clumbsy Cookie said...

That picture od the field of baklavas is amazing!

VeggieGirl said...

Baklava!!! Looks too scrumptious for words :0)

nita said...

damn the weather is beautiful!!!!!! how awesome to eat b'fast in europe and then lunch in asia!

ps. i tivod' the game i hope DEUTSCHLAND wins but Cristiano is frekaing hot.

That Girl said...

You made me realize I've only had pistachio baklava!!! I didn't realize you could even get walnut!

Elle said...

Gorgeous photos!

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