Friday, June 6, 2008

Yellow and Green

Yellow and green are the two colors that define Scotland for me...

Just like I would used Red and green to describe Portugal (the red rooftops, vibrant green vegetation, and the national flag) and for Greece: white and blue (the bleach white buildings and deep blue sky and sea). Scotland is yellow and green everywhere.
The evergreen Gorse shrubs grow naturally all over Scotland. The distinctive coconut scent is wonderful.
Driving through the countryside of Scotland we drove past many beautiful Yellow Rapeseed fields. Rapeseed flowers are used as a source for oil.
I also see a lot of these pretty trees with small yellow flowers in full bloom. I would love to know what this tree is called. Do you know what it is called by any chance?


Capt. Pink said...

oo, it's good that's it's green in scotland, not so much in london.

That Girl said...

One of my favorite memories of Northern England is looking out the window and screaming "RAPE!" with my classmates. That stuff is everywhere!

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