Saturday, July 12, 2008

Euro Cup 2008 Finals in Vienna

It's been about 2 weeks since we've come home from our amazing travels and I'm still not finished blogging about all of the wonderful things I did and ate! So I'm still on the topic of Vienna at the moment. When we arrived in Vienna the place was crazy with Euro madness! It was a lot of fun just walking throughout the city because a lot of the gorgeous national monuments, statues and buildings were dressed up for the Euro. We saw huge soccer shoes representing each country standing in the Museum quarters. We even saw this statue of Velázquez wearing soccer shoes!And how funny is it that this iconic statue of Maria Teresa was in the center of the Fanzone over looking all of the soccer crazyness...Vienna was our final destination before heading home because... well the Euro 2008 finals was in Vienna the day before our departure. Have I mentioned that hubby is a die hard soccer fan? Especially when it comes to the Portugal national team. We had tickets for the Euro final game in Vienna through the Portuguese Football federation, which means that IF Portugal makes it to the finals we would too. It would have been a great end to our trip if we got to go to the finals but sadly Portugal didn't pull through for us ;( We weren't the only ones without tickets. There were lots of people begging for tickets outside the stadium. haha.At least we got to enjoy the final match between Germany and Spain at the Vienna Fanzone! Hundreds of thousands of fans gathered to watch the final game on many of the jumbo screens and everyone was pumped up.We cheered for Spain to win... and they did!

The Spanish were celebrating like crazy after the game. Sorry Germans... Our vacation ended with a big bang and a huge celebration. This was truly a summer that I will never forget.


Kevin said...

Look at all those big football shoes! You have certainly been on an amazing adventure of a vacation!!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

The final should have been Portugal- Spain! Oh well, I was happy for Spain anyway. Funny pictures!

Leslie said...

Great photos!
Thanks for the comment on my Blueberry pancakes!
Stop by and visit my blog anytime!!!

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