Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Paprika. This symbol of Hungarian cuisine is a powder produced by grinding the dried deep red paprika pods of the pepper plant.

While in Budapest, we checked out the Central Market Hall (Nagycsarnok). It was a big indoor market with booths selling a range of things from Hungarian souvenirs, fresh vegetables and fruits as well as lots and lots of Paprika! They had sweet paprika, spicy paprika, dried paprika, paprika paste and everything Paprika you could think of. I picked up a canister of spicy paprika to take home as a souvenir. For dinner, we went to Menza. It's a popular restaurant with rave reviews that serves contemporary Hungarian food.
This restaurant had nice retro decor and the food was wonderful! We started off with appetizers of soup. This is a Hungarian goulash soup with plenty of paprika!
This garlic spinach soup was also wonderful.
I also tried the Langos, a Hungarian fried bread stuffed with cheese and chicken. It was a heavy dish but it was tasty and kind of reminded me of the "chicken bake" I buy at the Costco food court sometimes.
For dessert I got the poppyseed dumplings with vanilla sauce. This is a traditional Hungarian dessert... but Eck! This dessert was heavy and somehow bitter but overwhelmingly sweet at the same time. The vanilla sauce was good, but I probably wouldn't want to eat this again.
VI. Liszt Ferenc tér 2
Budapest, Hungary
Tel: 1/413-1482
We are avid users, we always turn to this website for travel tips, hotel reviews, and best local restaurants. The #1 rated restaurant on tripadvisor for Budapest was Daubner Cukraszda which is a small bakery. It was a little bit far from the center of the city but I decided to make the trip to try some yummy baked goods.
I tried the Hungarian layered cake (dobos torte). During the 19th century this cake was a favorite of the Emperor and Empress of Austro-Hungary. And with good reason! This delicate layered cake is filled with a light chocolate butter cream and a crunchy sweet biscuit topping. This great little cake is a must try for anyone visiting Hungary.
Daubner Cukrászda
Szépvölgyi út 50
1025 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: (+36-1) 335-2253


Gypsy Pie said...

Love your pictures. Amazingly, in New Orleans, several bakeries specialize in the Dobos Torte Cake and they are fabulous!!!

Nat said...

i think ive had dobo before [or some variation of it] and it looks so yummy!

Nat said...

crao...i keep posting on nats account [its nita]

That Girl said...

The food markets in Europe are fantastic!

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