Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time to Tighten the Waist and the Wallet...

I'm finally getting over my jet lag and getting back into the groove of things at home. I was gone for nearly a month and a half so I've been a little bit out of it. Our wonderful summer world travels have wreaked havoc on my waistline and wallet to say the least...
I love Europe and it's decadent food. I love that no one looks at you like you're psycho if you want to order the triple chocolate cake for dessert. Eating dessert after ever meal is so normal over there! Also the US dollar is monopoly money in Europe so our bank account is running on low at the moment... Of course, I had a blast and would eat every fattening thing and do every expensive thing all over again but now it's time for me to get into gear and tighten that waist and wallet!
So as a solution I'll be focusing on cooking (more) health conscious and wallet conscious recipes for a while.

This recipe is one of my mother's simple creations. Tasty, cheap, quick, and easy... how much better can it get?

2 Avocados
1 Package of Unagi (eel)
3 cups of Japanese White Rice
Pinch of Sansho (Japanese Pepper)

1. Follow directions on package of Unagi and heat.
2. Cut avocados into thin slices.
3. Cut unagi into desired bite size pieces.
4. Lay the pieces of unagi and avocado on a bed of rice.
5. Pour the remaining unagi sauce over everything and top with sansho (Japanese flavoring pepper).
One package of unagi could feed 3-4 people and costs about $10. If you're lucky you could find 2 avocados for $1.
So for $11 this is a pretty health and wallet conscious meal that tastes wonderful!


Elle said...

Ahhh, you had me until you said eel. LOL! Though I've never tried it, so I guess I can't knock it.

Welcome home!

nita said...

yummm eeel! Ive been buying sushi at Mitsuwa alot! They have a little Japanese food court!

Sheena said...

2 avocados for $1?? You're all complaining about gas prices but what is there to complain about if you could get 2 avocados for $1...

VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, LOOOOVE avocados!! Perfect for any dish :0)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i always love japanese roasted eel hehe cant get enough of it ^_^ with a bowl of japanese rice...hmmmmm

Sharon said...

Unagi is one of my favorite things to order at a sushi restaurant. I had no idea you could buy it packaged like that. Definitely going to give it a try.

Leslie said...

goodness I havent been in Europe..so what is my excuse for my waistline? LOL

Kevin said...

That looks simple and good. I have been wanting to try unagi for a while now. I will have to try looking for it a bit harder.

tastymealsathome said...

Yum! We love unagi, great idea!

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