Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The "Big O"

My family travels A LOT, so naturally I make at least a dozen trips to LAX each year to drop family members off and pick them up from their international trips. Every time we pass by this JUMBO donut on the 405 freeway to/from the airport, I would do an "mmmmmm.... donuts" and start daydreaming about the sweet rings of fried dough inside that little shack. Today, my mom & I just so happened to be picking my dad up from LAX. Of the hundreds of times that I passed by this gigantic donut (22 feet to be exact), today was the day that I decided to visit Randy's Donuts once and for all.
Randy's Donuts is an iconic donut shop that has been around since 1952 and I have seen it in so many TV shows and movies. Really, growing up in Southern California I had to make a trip to the "Big O" at least once! It's a true icon of LA. The donuts were... just donuts. Nothing spectacular, but the glazed donuts would be the best choice with a surprisingly chewy texture. If anything, you go to Randy's Donuts for the history, fun, and nice people that work inside the Jumbo Donut. You won't believe this, but they also have a webcam inside of the donut shop and you can watch what goes on in there 24/7! I'm serious...

Just an interesting fact: The "Big O" was featured in many, many movies including

Earth Girls Are Easy

Mars Attacks!

Into the Night

Golden Child

Coming to America

Stripped to Kill

Problem Child 2


California Girls

Love Letters

Check out this funny video I found on YouTube

Randy's Donuts

805 West Manchester Avenue

Inglewood CA 90301

Tel: 310.645.4707


Clumbsy Cookie said...

Is that big one for sale also ;) ?

Leslie said...

"O" my...that is huge!!!

Rosie said...

O yes plz lets try one ;)

Rosie x

VeggieGirl said...

My family travels a lot as well; but we've never been to a shop with a giant donut!! Haha ;0)

Sheena said...

That girl in the video is amazing!

Adam said...

Haha that's great. Nothing grabs a person' attention like a big "O" :)

pixxienix said...

"Mmmmm....donuts~" Lol. Very Homer Simpson-ish!

fumipuriri said...

that's such a cool video!

Dee said...

Lol, funny video. This is going to sound lame, but how do you get the video to show on your blog as opposed to just linking it?

Leslie said...

well hello fellow shoe Ho!!!LOL
Yes I am going to continue to blog..it will just be items that I have made prior to grounding myself that I havent gotten a chance to post yet! So yes there will be more goodies to come!!

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