Friday, September 19, 2008

Blue Fin

Blue Fin is a small Japanese restaurant owned by Chef Takashi Abe in Newport Coast. This place serves sheek, contemporary and fresh Japanese food and my mom really loves this place.
Dinner can be expensive but we like to come here for lunch because the lunch menu is very affordable and tasty.
All of the lunch menu items come with a fresh green salad to start off with.
I ordered the bento box which was a beautiful array of colors and a nice variety of small dishes.
It came with teriyaki beef, yakitori, ebi shinjo, sushi, pickles, and miso soup. My favorite part of the bento box was the ebi shinjo, prawn paste sandwiched between two slices of lotus root and deep fried. mmm... This is one item I really hope to re-create in the future.Dad and hubby ordered the sushi platter with spicy tuna rolls. Simple, elegant, and delicious!

7952 E Pacific Coast Hwy.
Newport Beach, CA 92657
Tel:(949) 715-7373


VeggieGirl said...

Gorgeous bento box meals!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Woman you've been dinning out in some cool places! Lovely presentations!

kimatusc said...

I think my friend's friend owns this place and took us here for lunch after we went wedding dress shopping.... I think! Haha. That pic of the sushi bar looks VERY familiar.

Dawn said...

Lina you are so lucky to hit all these fab places.
I also saw the comments on Spago; it's been decades since I've been there.
But sushi, ohhh how I love sushi. So hard to find quality sushi places where I live. :-(

Bridgett said...

Gorgeous and colorful meals. Who could resist that?

Adam said...

Annnnnnnnd I'm getting sushi tonight... done. Thanks, Lina you make dinner choices easy for me :)

That Girl said...

I've heard really good things about this place.

Johnson said...

great photos! the sushi pops! i love it!

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