Monday, September 22, 2008

Urth Caffé, Beverly Hills

Our house in LA is right around the corner from Urth Caffé in Beverly Hills. Although our place is within walking distance from the cafe I have only been to Urth Caffé once to pick up a cup of tea. I've read some great reviews about dining at Urth Caffé so I decided to have breakfast there once and for all.
Inside and out, Urth Caffé is like a little house and the atmosphere of the place makes you feel right at home. I kept reading on Yelp how the Spanish Latte is amaaaazing, so even though I'm not a coffee drinker I decided to try it. The baristas draw beautiful patterns in the lattes... too pretty to drink! This place is definitely a much better alternative to Starbucks.
Sis-in-law is a boba freak, and this place even had boba. This is the iced green tea blend with boba.
Hubby and outousan had the hot apple bread pudding. You pour warm cream over it and eat it hot. I recommend this bread pudding, it warmed up my tummy and was scrumptious.
Sis loves ham and cheese so she had the ham and cheese croissant. They have a great variety of fresh baked goods at this cafe and everything looked wonderful. I had to try the pumpkin pie with a molasses cookie crust. I looove pumpkin pie and I always look forward to eating lots of pumpkin pie in the autumn. The pumpkin pie at Urth Caffé was huge but delicious!

Urth Caffé
267 S Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Tel:(310) 205-9311


VeggieGirl said...

The design in that latte is MAGNIFICENT!! And I'm loving that pumpkin pie with the molasses cookie crust - yum!

Amber said...

Nice neighborhood. I live around the corner from a Jack in the Box.
The frozen lemon mousse was actually for a family birthday party for 36 people in Napa and it was wonderful. I had been testing it beforehand and was gone for 5 days working on the party.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I wanna go! Everything looks so great! You know we're gonna have Starbucks soon in Portugal? Maybe we should have this one instead!
Lina, what's boba?

Adam said...

Yeah Veggie is right, that design is crazy. I have no idea how they do that.

Oh my goodness, pumpkin pie? How was it? Fall is sooooo here

vermichelli said...

you were at urth and you didnt tell me!!!!

nita said...

i love urth cafe!!!!! nat gets the green tea boba! he loves it!

Leslie said...

I would take 2 sclies of that pumpkin pie please!!!!

ila said...

i was here saturday! okay not really... we were thinking about it but it was crowded so we opted for chipotle instead =\
kabocha suki ne~

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