Monday, December 22, 2008

Flying Baller Style

Not to brag or anything... okay, I'm bragging a little but I got to ride business class to Japan! I've never been on business class before so I was so excited! They overbooked our flight to Japan, so long story short they bumped us up to business class free of charge! How sweet is that? The seats were so roomy, and even the plane food was different!

They don't even serve the plane food in plastic containers covered in foil! I'm not a big fan of airplane food, but I must say that business class food was a step above what I'm used to having on a flight! For appetizers we had barbecued eel in layered eggs, grilled scallop, lime flavored beef tenderloin, shrimp with vegetable sushi rice, ,poached tuna with karashi miso, steamed leeks, and buckwheat soba noodles with marinated Japanese vegetables. The main course was a salmon teriyaki with braised tofu, simmered shitake mushroom and daikon, green beans, and fresh julienne ginger served with steamed rice and Japanese pickled vegetables. 
For dessert we had caramel tiramisu with Port wine. The flight attendants were making our champagne glasses overflow, and the service was even better than economy class! 
Sigh... I wish they always overbooked our flights so we can fly like ballers every time. hehe

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