Saturday, December 27, 2008

One Word: Ramen

Ramen is something that hubby really looks forward to eating when we come to Japan. Nothing in the states can beat real, authentic ramen in Japan. This little spot in Jyuugaoka has been hubby's favorite since he was a school kid.
When you walk into the place they don't hand you a menu, but you choose your meal ticket from a vending machine. Simply hand your meal ticket to the cook, and he will whip it right up for you before your eyes as you sit at the counter.
If you ever have a chance to visit, try the spicy negi ramen. It's the ish.
Tokyo, Japan


Kitt said...

I love fresh ramen and feel lucky that we have a good place here in Denver. But I would love to try in Japan someday. I would need help, though! That vending machine looks totally intimidating. What a crazy concept!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh...I miss REAL Ramen in Japan. I've been to Japan twice (my grandmother lives there) and there is NOTHING here that compares to real Japanese food. :) Merry Christmas!

Kevin said...

That is some nice looking ramen. I did not get the chance to try a few ramen shops when I was in Japan. I will have to make sure to do that the next time I am there.

Have a great new year!

giz said...

I love the ramen ticket idea - smart.

Sharon said...

I love the vending machine style! My apartment in Japan was right near one, so I always went to it. And they had such friendly people too. Delicious!

Davy SW said...


Did I go here? Ramen is soo good.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

oh my! i love japanese ramen...i crave it all the time. this spicy one looks delicious!

Gloria said...

Is absolutely nice!! Thanks by share!! Gloria

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