Monday, December 22, 2008

Our First Meal in Japan This Year: Mon Cher Ton Ton

It was a struggle trying to decide what our first meal in Japan would be. On our 11 hour flight to Japan, hubby and I conversed quite a big about the things we wanted to eat when we got back to our homeland. We finally came to the consensus that we go to eat some authentic Japanese grilled MEAT. Immediately after our decision we headed straight for Mon Cher Ton Ton. Despite the funny French name this restaurant totes, it is a fine Japanese teppanyaki restaurant. 
The meal was out of this world. It blew the airplane food out of the water. No contest. 

We went for the special Christmas course dinner starting with some sort of seafood sausage topped with caviar. I wasn't quite sure what it was, but it sure made my tummy happy.
The raw oysters were heavenly. I've recently developed a love affair with oysters in the past two years. I couldn't eat them when I was younger, and wouldn't you know that it's one of my favorite things now. These oysters were big, plump, juicy, and flavorful.Next, we had a Foie Gras flan topped with sliced truffles. Smooth and light to start the main course off with.
At Mon Cher Ton Ton, you even get to watch your very own private chef prepare your meal right before your eyes. You don't get the bells and whistles like you do at Benihana's in the states, but you don't need any of that show because the food is just THAT good. It was quite educational to watch the chef expertly and precisely cutting and grilling everything to perfection.
The teppan grilled lobster tail rocked my world. The lobster was cooked perfectly with a slight crisp to each bite and the cream sauce was a great compliment to the meat. On the side was simmered tomato based Japanese vegetables topped with grilled lobster brain. 
The chef recommended the sirloin steak so we all went with that. 
Like I've mentioned before, I'm not a big beef eater but I can really appreciate a little bit of well cooked meat. I eat all of my beef well done, but the chef prepared it without that burnt taste that most places serve up when you ask for well done. Each cube of meat was so tender you didn't even have to really chew because it just melted on my tongue, that's how soft it was!
We had a few varieties of sauces to choose from: spicy negi sauce, onion soy sauce, and pure red sea salt. 
The lobster head was used as stock for a miso soup that warmed me right up on this rainy winter day.
At this point, we were all about to blow up... but the meal ended with a delicious garlic rice with plenty of chopped garlic and shirasu (dried baby sardines).
After our meal we went over to the cafe/lounge area to enjoy our dessert and tea. Dessert was a shallow ramekin of rich creme brulee topped with apple sherbet and fresh strawberries. 
Can the rest of my meals in Japan top this? Stay tuned to find out!
Mon Cher Ton Ton
Seryna Bldg B1 F3-12-2
Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan
Tel 03-3402-1055


FlyinBear said...

mmmmm yum that looks sooo good! hope you guys have a GREAT time over there! see you when you get back! keep on posing!

Davy SW said...

I can't wait till you can take me to eat real food Obaa-Chan Lina...This milk diet is getting old really fast.


My Taste Heaven said...

wow...the food in Japan really looks yummy! ar....I am hungry now!
So, do you have a good time in Japan?

Merry Christmas~~~

My Taste Heaven

Dawn said...

lobster brain? hmmm, ok.
How exciting to be in Japan. I went there as a small child, so my memories of it aren't that great. But I know you'll have fun food-exploring.

That Girl said...

What a gorgeous meal!

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