Monday, January 19, 2009


You simply can't make tempura like this yourself, at home. Ten-Ichi is a chain of Tempura restaurants in Japan and I have to say, that it's the bestest tempura that I've ever had. EVER.They will fry practically anything for you. The tempura chefs arms have war scars all over them from the popping oil. That's how dedicated they are to the perfect tempura.
sweet potato tempura
shishito (green pepper) tempura
white fish tempura
shrimp tempura
shrimp legs tempura
Dip the tempura into this freshly grated daikon sauce and you get perfect harmony.To end the meal you get a small bowl of kakiage with miso soup. I always wish they bring this out at the beginning of the meal when I'm not already full...

Last time I was at Ten-Ichi, I even had uni tempura. Tenichi's tempura doesn't have any oily taste and everything tastes so fresh. It's one of Mae's favorite spots in Japan.

Here's a little English article on the place. Ten-Ichi is must try for any tempura lover.


VeggieGirl said...

Glad you liked it!!

Onno said...

Just wanted a quick Japanese fix and something super close to my apt. Should have taken the time to head to Japan-town or elsewhere but we ended up at Ten-Ichi. This place tends to have a decent amount of people in it and it's super reasonable. We ordered 2 white fish and 3sweet potato. Everything was delicious. The service was very friendly and the atmosphere was warm. Definitely a neighborhood favorite. thank you for posting and sharing it.

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