Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brazilian Tapioca

During our visit to Brazil we stopped by a little island of the coast of Salvador called Morro de São Paulo. The waters were calm and the ocean was amazing. To preserve the natural beauty of the island, cars are forbidden on Morro de São Paulo. The only method of motorized transportation on the island is by tractor, and the only way to transport your luggage is by "taxi". I cracked up when I realized that their “taxis” are actually wheel barrels! These "taxi drivers" are barefoot, strong, and amazingly speedy! I could barely keep up with them going up and down the hills and winding streets. One of the interesting eats I had while in Morro de São Paulo was the tapioca pancake. When I think "tapioca", I think "tapioca pudding" or "tapioca boba drinks." But in Brazil, the word tapioca refers to a kind of pancake made from manioc starch and water.I had a tapioca pancake for breakfast at our inn and it tasted like a chewy mochi tortilla with ham and cheese. It was quite delicious, and I later found out that my Brazilian aunt who lives in Manaus eats this practically every morning for breakfast!

I've never seen this served or sold anywhere in the US, but I would definitely want to eat this again!


::Christine:: said...

How fun! =)

maybelle's mom said...

wow, this looks so good. I would love to make this.

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