Sunday, May 17, 2009

Encontro das Águas

Uncle and his family live right along the Amazon river and he took us on a little boat cruise to check it out. In Manaus, the Amazon river famously splits in two rivers, the colors of the two rivers side by side are clearly visible. You can see the two colors merge together in this photo I took. The whitewater side of the river flows from Peru, and the dark waters of Rio Negro (Black River) journey from Venezuela. This amazing and dramatic intersection where the rivers come together is known as the Meeting of the Waters ("Encontro das Águas"). Uncle explained to us that the river looks like this because of the difference in temperature, density, velocity of the two bodies of water.
I had read about a rare species of dolphins called the pink Amazon River dolphin and had hoped to see it... These dolphins are one of only four species of dolphins that only lives in fresh water, and are supposedly the smartest species of dolphins. I heard that they are often spotted at the "Encontro das Águas" so we went up and down the area for a while but no such luck. Oh well, maybe next time!I was amazed to see that some people live ON the Amazon river in floating homes.

The Amazon river was beautiful with lush vegetation all around it. The water was surprisingly clean and I even got to see gigantic lily pads that were bigger than me!At the entrance of the docks, there are many booths selling fresh fish from the Amazon river. Some of this fish I've never seen before so it was really fun to see all the different varieties of fish caught in the river.


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