Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Typical Brazilian Meal

Uncle and Auntie took us out to their favorite lunch spot in Manaus for a meal of Bife na Pedra, beef steaks cooked on hot stone. A huge hot sizzling stone plate was brought to our table overflowing with meat, green peppers, onions, and cheese.

A typical Brazilian meal consists of meat, rice and beans. Wherever you are in Brazil there is a good chance you will find a plate of seasoned rice and beans on the table.
There was so much cheese on the plate and I gobbled it all up! I thought the cheese in Brazil was very interesting.It looks like tofu and has a spongy texture. This cheese called " Queijo Coalho" is salty and firm that is lightweight and almost "squeaks" when you bite into it. I know it sounds kind of gross, but it's really yummy!Auntie pours this yellow mixture onto a plate of pretty much anything. This powder is called Farofa and is toasted manioc flour. It is a staple food in the northeast and northern regions of Brazil. I compare it to Tabasco or Tapatio sauce for me because I use those sauces on pretty much any dish but Farofa has a mild bland flavor. Farofa never grew on me, and I never learned to like it... neither did uncle who had been living in Brazil for over 3 years now. I think it's an acquired taste.


Mochachocolata Rita said...

oh my i miss brazil and all its meaty goodness!

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