Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hotcakes Bakes

I swear, I didn't eat cupcakes all day yesterday. The last post and this post were on different occasions! haha. So yesterday we were driving around Culver City and came across this adorable bakery: Hotcakes Bakes, I just had to stop in.

I am a sucker for sweets and cupcakes... The bakery was so cute and they had a nice selection of cupcakes. I just couldn't decide which one I wanted so hubby and I got a box of a few mini cupcakes.
At $3 each for a regular size cupcake and $1.50 for a mini cupcake, these are more affordable than most cupcakeries. We got a mini Oreo cookie cupcake, carrot cupcake, red velvet cupcake, and coconut cupcake. (Coconut cupcakes are hubby's favorite) The Oreo cupcake was the best one in my opinion. Although cute, I have to say Hotcakes isn't my favorite cupcake. The cake wasn't as moist and the frosting was super sweet with a funny aftertaste...
4119 South Centinela Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Tel: (310)397-2324


Nita Adriany said...

yumm! i must go too! looks delicious!

Cher said...

you should try Dots cupcakes in Pasadena. I think their cupcakes are better thank Sprinkles, more moist and flavorful. There's one on arroyo parkway and one in old town, the mint chocolate chip one is the best! yummmmmm

::Christine:: said...

This place looks amazing!!!

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