Monday, July 20, 2009

Page, Arizona

After the Grand Canyon we headed to Page, Arizona. The first thing we did was hike to Horseshoe Bend. Saying it was HOT is an understatement but the sweaty hike was well worth it because the view was amazing. It really took my breath away. The rock formations in Arizona are just so neat! Arizona was all desert and I've never been anyplace like this before.The highlight of my trip was probably Antelope Canyon in Page. At first you arrive to an unimpressive little slot canyon... but when you walk inside... wow! The afternoon sun just made the walls of the canyon glow! Antelope Canyon was formed by Sandstone and flash flooding. Hubby and I took so many photos!


VeggieGirl said...


Nita Adriany said...

your photos are awesome..the color and texture, its almost like a postcard!

Cynthia said...

Gorgeous pics!

fumipuriri said...

great pics lina!
didn't know about the horseshoe until recently!
i need to take another trip to AZ too ;)

::Christine:: said...

Is this where Britney Spears shot that one video I'm not a girl not yet a woman? Did take pictures and pose like her? LMAO!!!

Anyway, these pictures are breathtaking!! Absolutely beautiful! =)

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