Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tsukiji Fail Blog

Even before boarding our flight to Tokyo, we knew that we would visit Tsukiji the next morning. The upside of jet lag is that we would wake up extra early the first few days... early enough to be the first ones at the famous Tsukiji fish market when they open at around 4-5am.

I was so excited to eat a fresh sushi breakfast and when we arrived at Tsukiji around 4:30am we thought we beat the crowds. "Yes! We're going to be first in line!" I thought... and then we started walking around the markets to see nobody. Just emptiness.
Then we saw this sign. (The Market is Closed Today). NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Say it ain't so. I thought Tsukiji was never closed except for national holidays and Sundays!?
The only thing open was this 24 hour sushi restaurant we stumbled upon a few blocks outside of the Tsukiji market. This place had to do since there was nothing else open at 5am, and our stomachs were hurting for some sushi.
We were the only customers in the restaurant and the sushi chef seemed happy to have some company and people to talk to. He informed us that the Tsukiji Fish market closes on some random Wednesdays. According to him, most people don't even know when they close. Great.The sushi was better than most places in Los Angeles, but wasn't nearly as good as our past Tsukiji sushi experience.
The seafood was fresh, and it did quiet our cravings but left a little more to be desired.
At least I got to eat my favorite! Akagai (Pepitona clam or ark shell?) love the texture, crunchy and chewy.

Oh, well maybe next time. On our next visit I want to try Daiwa Sushi inside of Tsukiji.


Dawn said...

oh lucky you! how fabulous that must be.

Kimberly said...

Lina -- welcome back!! All that sushi looks so nummy!! :) Can't wait to meet up with you guys again soon!

Larachka said...

That really and truly sucks. Whenever I go to Japan, Tsukiji is a must along with an onsen outside of town. But think of it this way...maybe you will get a bunch of good fish karma points and then you'll have a Tsukiji-type experience when you least expect it!

Irvine Real Estate said...

I want Sushi...LA will have to do...

fumipuriri said...

that sucks!

tomomi said...

kukukuku-you guys did the same thing as us! kukukuku! we went there on Sunday and we even ate at the same place you guys did! woohooooooo;)

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