Sunday, October 4, 2009

Octopus Balls

I used to joke around and call takoyaki octopus balls when I was a kid. Actually, I lied... I still do it. Takoyaki is basically a small round ball of savory batter stuffed with a small piece of octopus in the middle.
At the Osaka bullet train terminal there was a booth selling hot off the grill takoyakis. Being an Osaka signature food, I couldn't leave the city without having some!
It is so fun to watch the cooks whip up these takoyakis with speedy precision making the balls turn round and round on the pans.
I bought a box to enjoy on the train ride back to Tokyo. It was ridiculously delicious.
It's quite similar to flavor in okonomiyaki but the center is always half cooked and gooey inside.
*That's a bad picture because the takoyaki balls shifted inside the box while I was walking but it still tasted yummy!


tomomi said...

wa---i wanna eat takoyaki~found takoyaki at japanese festival in sao paulo but dont find them much in any other place. god, i wanna visit japan so bad....

Clumbsy Cookie said...

By your description I'm sure they taste awesome. I love octopus!

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