Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sweet 16

It was a picture perfect, sunny California day today so we decided to take our dogs to the beach. My parents and I collectively have 3 loving dogs that bring happiness into our homes everyday. Today we just took two of our dogs, Xabi and our old family dog Sandy to the Huntington Dog Beach.Sandy is a Golden Retriever and a senior citizen. This year, she will be turning 16 years old! Do the math 7x16= 112... In human years, that would make her 112 years old! I grew up with this sweet dog. She is the kindest and calmest dog you would ever meet. Even though she is a wobbly old woman, she is 16 (in dog years) at heart. She runs, smiles, and plays like she's still a puppy. Her hind legs are getting weak, and she falls over often but that never seems to stop her. We believe she might make it to be the oldest living dog in history. At least we hope so :)
Xabi is our rambunctious pup. He loves to swim and will go no depths for his beloved ball. Today he swam until he was POOPED! At the end of the day he was drooling and blowing bubbles from his mouth because he was so exhausted. haha. It was too cute, I couldn't help but laugh at his foamy mouth.


Nita Adriany said...

so cute! Xabi is so playful! Happy Birthday Sandy!

mai1026 said...

Sandy seems to be enjoying the dog beach!!
I love that pic of Xabi... super cute!!
and love his frizzy hair!!
I need to take Zi-boi to the beach soon too, he misses it!!

lyda said...

Ces images à regarder le passé est de savoir comment chaleureuse et émouvante, en fait, la vie est très simple, juste un tas de gens veulent être trop complexes, comme les blogueurs de partager ces photos chaudes, le regard de totalité drôles et chaleureux.

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