Friday, April 9, 2010

Al Dente

While in Japan, hubby must have his "Al Dente" fix. Al Dente is his absolutely favorite pasta restaurant since he was a kid. This is where his carbonara spaghetti obsession all began.
It's a tiny little place that is on the 6th floor of the Sony Building in Ginza. The restaurant probably only seats up to 20 people or so. You get to watch the pasta chefs whip up your dish as you sit at the bar.
The green pea salad is simple and yum. I tried to recreate this dish at home once but failed miserably. I don't know how I messed it up, but I think it's basically garlic, olive oil, green peas, salt and pepper. I have to try making this again.
Without looking at the menu, hubby knows that he must have his carbonara. He usually orders the "oomori" which means extra large portion! This is the dish that he dreams of and craves when we are back home in the states. After he slurped it all up he said that it wasn't as good as he remembered. I guess after hyping it up after all this time he expected more? haha. The carbonara here uses minimum amounts of cream and maximum amounts of egg so it's quite different from the carbonara we make at home. Still, I thought it was pretty darn good.
I had to have the spaghetti in meat sauce. For some reason, spaghetti in Japan tastes very different than spaghetti in the states. I think it's a little sweeter and a little lighter. Preggo me, always hungry, slurped the whoooole plate up.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


We arrived in Japan just a few days ago as the pale pink flowers of the cherry blossom trees in Tokyo began to bloom. Japanese people love Sakura (cherry blossoms) because of their fleeting beauty, a reminder of how short and fleeting our very own lives on earth are. Sakura are in full bloom for probably just about a week, so I was extremely excited that this year I would get to see them during our trip to Japan! I've been to Japan dozens of times but I've only experienced the glory of the cherry blossoms once before, so it is very special to me that I get to see them again this year. We took a nice long walk around the Tokyo Imperial Palace yesterday. The parks and areas around the palace are said to have one of the most picturesque cherry blossom scenes in Japan.
Not all of the cherry blossoms were completely blossomed yet, but it was pretty close! The parks were packed with people enjoying the pretty pink flowers.
Everywhere I looked was insanely gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous! It's no wonder this country is so obsessed with Sakura.

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