Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Shower Food!

My family threw me the most wonderful baby shower last weekend! It was a big shower with about 65 people. I had so much fun!!! I just wanted to share with you the wonderful food we had at our shower!My sister and I made our own "Edible Bouquets" in little plant pots. They turned out really cute and were a big hit. These are fun and easy to make and are great for parties and showers.The cupcakes were catered by a pastry chef and were cookies n' cream cupcakes. S0oo cute and sooo yummy!

We also had a gourmet taco truck catering company at the party. OMG. The tacos were so good. I highly recommend SOHO taco catering if you live in SoCal.
Not just the food, but the company, decorations, and games were all so perfect! Our baby shower was spectacular and is something I will never forget.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


My friend told me about a cute little ice cream parlor in LA called Milk. She spoke of an ice cream sandwich with a big glob of ice cream in between two macaron shells. I had to try this place for myself.
This place is a fat kid's (my) dream come true. Supposedly they have sandwiches and salad here too, but I wasn't paying attention to any of that stuff. They got a big selection of baked goods, milkshakes, ice cream, bonbons and other sweets!
I figure since I only have about a month of pregnancy left, I might as well take full advantage of it and eat the fatty stuff while I can. Once I have the baby, I need to whip myself back into shape you know?
The ice cream sandwiches were pre-made and waiting patiently in a glass freezer for me to gobble up. I had the cookies n' cream sandwich with the chocolate macaron shell. OMG... why have I not been here before? This is seriously the best ice cream sandwich I've ever had. The chewy shell with the creamy ice cream is pure genius. Genius, I tell you.

7290 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Tel: (323) 939-6455

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