Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm 9 months pregnant right now and due any day. I'm so tired of being pregnant and feel more than ready to meet our little girl.
Yesterday, hubby and I decided to go on one last grown up date before our baby arrives and the two of us make three! We wanted to go to a romantic place with good food that was close to home so we decided to have an early dinner at
Craft (which is walking distance from our house). It was my first time trying this place and I was thoroughly impressed! If you watch "Top Chef" you know Tom Colicchio, and I was excited to hear that he is the chef/owner of this beautiful restaurant with spectacular food. First off this restaurant gives quite a few freebies! Yes, I said FREE. When you sit down at the table they bring you a free amuse bouche (bite-sized hors d’œuvres). The amuse bouche of the day was a cool cucumber soup with crème fraiche, which was light and a perfect way to start our meal.

For my drink I had a virgin cocktail: strawberry ginger beer with mint. It didn't have any alcohol in it but tasted like a real cocktail so I was happy! :) Everything here is served "family style" so we ordered a few dishes to share. I loooooved the potatoes gratin. I know it's not a complicated dish, but damn... how did they make it so good? The cheese on top was so crispy and fragrant. And there was a perfect amount of cream and garlic. yummmm.
We also had the mixed mini lettuce salad with radishes (which I forgot to take a photo of). The dressing and pickled radishes were so fresh and tasty. Another appetizer we ordered was the Anson Mills grits & cheddar. It was simple and went well with our main course.
For the main course: braised beef short ribs that just melt in your mouth! So soft, tender, and with the perfect amount of sauce. It doesn't look that appetizing in the photo but it was divine!
For dessert amuse bouche they served us a hazel nut panna cotta which was so creamy and yummy. I felt the need to indulge a little more since this would be our last fancy dinner in a long time so I also ordered dessert after all that food!
I ordered the corn crepes with corn ice cream and blueberries. I thought this dessert dish sounded really interesting and promising but honestly it wasn't very good. Hubby and I didn't even eat half of this dessert. It tasted like frozen corn soup and it just didn't taste like dessert. There was cream corn or something inside the crepes and it was weird... I was disappointed in this dish but the freebies to come really made up for it.
Let me just say that the service here was stellar. The waitress was really attentive and brought a pillow for my back when she saw how pregnant I was. When we told her that we were due any day now, she brought out a chocolate cake at the end of the meal with a candle in it. (and wow was that cake good!)
After we paid the bill the waitress boxed up MORE of our free dessert for us because we couldn't possibly eat any more! These amuse bouche desserts were an assortment of mini macrons, chocolate cherry truffles, and white chocolate cookies. THEN they even gave us corn bread muffins to have for breakfast the next morning. The freebies were just out of control! And I loved it.
Our last dinner as a childless couple was so special and we can't wait to meet our little girl soon!

10100 Constellation Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 279-4180

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